Cities with sexually suggestive names will get a big gift from Pornhub

Did your city make the cut?
Image: Mashable composite: Pornhub/Getty Images

Never say that the porn industry doesn’t have a great sense of humor. 

If all of those punny parodies weren’t proof enough, take Pornhub’s new “Premium Places” initiative, which is shining a new light on all those sexually-tinged city names that make you quietly giggle.

It may be tough to call towns like Rectum (in the Netherlands), Dildo (in Newfoundland, Canada), and Cummings (a small town in Georgia) home, but now residents of places whose names illicit mocking from strangers are getting a gift from the altruists at Pornhub. These so-called “Premium Places” will get free lifetime access to Pornhub’s paid Premium subscription service.

Pornhub VP Corey Price expounded on the new project in a press release, saying:

“With the proliferation of online adult entertainment, many people have become very well-versed in its vernacular and sexual sayings. Unfortunately, this has made towns with sexually suggestive names the butt of many more jokes. Here at Pornhub, we think a name is worth celebrating, rather than subjecting to incessant ridicule.”

You can find more details here, including a map of all the cities and towns that have already been labeled as “Premium Places” — like Analândia, Brazil and Climax, Michigan. 

If you currently live in a city with a very unsexy name (like, say, Fort Worth, Texas), you might want to use this opportunity to  scope out a new place to live where you’ll get free premium porn (like Fort Dick, California!). 

Or better yet, let’s all move to Orgy, France.

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Pornhub Presents: Premium Places

For over ten years, Pornhub has been proudly providing the world with high-quality porn. With millions of people visiting the site every day, it’s no secret that many people all over the world enjoy watching porn and are familiar with its vocabulary…so why all the fuss over the name of your hometown? At Pornhub, we think it’s a name worth celebrating, rather than mocking. In those special towns officially named as Premium Places, we’re offering you our best: free access to our amazing Pornhub Premium content. To make you prouder of your roots– and the rest of the world a little bit envious.

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